Senior Wildcat families,

RHHS is full of traditions, and the "last first day of school" for our seniors is certainly one of these.  On the first day of the school year, parents of seniors have brought signs and posters and lined Wildcat Drive as a way to celebrate the beginning of what will be a momentous senior year! This year we are extending it a bit further and encouraging signs all the way into the front entrance of the school.

I'd like to ask parents and families to bring signs and posters Monday (8/1) evening or pre-dawn on Tuesday (8/2) (before 6am).  Getting more than 2,500 students on campus and into classes is a challenge on our best days - when we add cars and parents lining Wildcat Drive, it is somewhat chaotic for all of us.

I WANT and ENCOURAGE your celebrations! I think having Wildcat Drive and the entrances into the building lined with signs, posters, and balloons that our seniors see as they drive in is FANTASTIC.  In this way, we are looking forward to having a greater percentage of families participating and celebrating this day.  I am asking that you really consider not personally being on campus Tuesday (8/2) morning and continue the tradition we started a few years ago of transforming Wildcat Drive the night before with your signs/posters/balloons.  (If you want to personally hold the sign and stand along Wildcat Drive, I won’t stop you.  Your car, though, must be parked off campus.)

We are excited for our Class Of 2023!

If you have questions, please email me or Mr. Stacy Bennett (, our 12th Grade administrator.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Bivins Miller