Richmond Hill High School eLearning Students & Families,

It has been an exciting time at Richmond Hill High School as we have welcomed students back both virtually and in person. This time has been anything but ordinary and we are appreciative of the grace and patience you have shown our staff in working through this opportunity to provide virtual instruction for your child. Our teachers have remained very organized, insightful and reflective in delivering this form of online instruction while always focused on improving the experience for the better. 

My hope is that this information will clear up any questions or concerns you may have as we progress through this virtual semester together. As you and your child have likely noted, this eLearning experience is far different than the model experienced in the Spring. Our teachers are working concurrently with both face:face and eLearners to provide a real time experience with the high expectations you have come to expect from RHHS. 

In order to be successful as an eLearner it is essential that ALL RHHS eLearners are:

· Engaged and Responsive - Students should be active participants in class discussions (visually & verbally) and available for the duration of class.

· Arriving at Google Meets on time: Just like our face: face students the attendance of our eLearners is expected to be punctual and for the duration of the scheduled block. Students not in attendance or those that arrive late will be marked accordingly.

· See 2020-2021 Schedule (Thursday’s follow advisement schedule, pg. 2)

· In the event of an absence, all attendance letters should be shared with our Attendance Clerk Carolyn Oetjen ( as well as their classroom teachers via email.

· Dressed appropriately, out of bed and engaged with the content at hand. The expectation of dressing for success includes those eLearners as well.

· Positive digital citizens while being responsible for their use of technology and their internet presence.

· Advocates for themselves and ask questions just as the face: face students. If questions arise they should reach out to the teacher and/or a classmate for clarification. Our teachers have set up opportunities for communication through verbal interaction, Remind, Email, the Google Meets Chat, etc.

· Responsible for the content delivered. If a class is missed, students are responsible for scheduling a time for virtual tutorial and/or reviewing the content within the Google Classroom to ensure all expectations are met. 

We look forward to the opportunity to continue to work together! Should you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Richmond Hill High School.

Mr. Miller