Bryan County School System Volunteer Program Information for RHPS Volunteers

RHPS Volunteer Coordinator: 

Stephanie Shorette, Media Specialist

Volunteer approval process: 

Bryan County Schools has a three step online process to be completed.

  1. Complete volunteer registration online.

  2. Complete and pass with a 100% (14/14) the mandated reporter.

  3. Sign and return to Stephanie Shorette the volunteer agreement form. 

Dress Code: 

RHPS follows the BCS dress code policy. Students and faculty are required to adhere to a dress code that reflects the standards established by the school system.  Since school volunteers  serve as a role model for students and as a representative for the Bryan County School System, they are asked to dress in a neat and appropriate manner while working in the school.

and Out:      

Volunteer opportunities are pre-scheduled with teachers or staff members. There is a sign in 

sheet located at the Main Office window.  Any visitor to the building will need to show their ID, so please make sure you bring your ID with you.  Volunteers will need to sign in and obtain a sticker.  The stickers need to be worn while volunteering at the school.  They will also need to sign out on their way out of the building.  


Volunteers are asked to park in the parking lot behind the RHPS sign or across from our bus lane by Carver Elementary.

Identification badges:

RHPS has a red “Volunteer” sticker.  Please wear this sticker when volunteering at the school.

Notification procedures in case you are absent or will be late:

Please send a courtesy email to your teacher if you need to be absent or will be late.  It is not necessary to call the school.

Work areas:

Volunteers are to remain in assigned work areas.  

Procedures for obtaining supplies and materials:

School employees should provide any needed materials to the volunteers.

Use of teachers’ workroom:

The teacher workroom is in the back of the media center. 

Use of telephones:

Please be courteous to the staff and students.  If a phone call must be answered, please find an appropriate location to hold the conversation.  Please silence your phone’s alert notifications to prevent instructional interruptions. 

Emergency Procedures:

Follow the nearest teacher’s direction if an emergency should arise.

Thank you for your time, we love our volunteers!