Change of Clothes (shirt, bottoms, socks, underwear- please label with the child’s name in a gallon size ziploc bag)

2 Small Coverings for Nap (thin blanket, length of a towel)

Leak Proof Water Bottle

Headphones (Not Earbuds-please label and have in a sandwich size ziploc bag)

Family Picture  (either 4”x6” or 3”x5”)

Lunchbox (if your child is bringing a lunch from home)

Standard Size Bookbag

*Please make sure you label ALL of your child’s belongings


1 boxes of Crayola crayons

1 zipper pouches (mesh preferred) 

1   pink eraser

4 glue sticks

1 box of pencils, Ticonderoga preferred

2 *Primary Journals (blank space on top of each page)

1 *standard size backpack (no wheels)

1 *scissors, child sized, blunt tip, Fiskars preferred 

1 Crayola markers

2 boxes of tissues

1 container of baby wipes

1 container of Clorox Wipes

1 big bottle of hand sanitizer (store bought)

1 *2 pocket, 3 prong poly-folders

1 *headphones (no earbuds)

1 insulated water bottle, flip top, no glass-for daily use

1 box of gallon Ziploc bags

1 box of sandwich Ziploc bags 

1 roll of paper towels

**Change of clothes in a ziploc bag

*Please mark these items with first name and last name initial (example: Brooks B.)

1st Grade

1-zipper pouch (pouch must be big enough to hold 2 pencils, 1 pink eraser, 1 glue stick, scissors, 24 pack of crayons and 1 expo marker) NO pencil boxes, please

1-pack 24 pack crayons

1-child size scissors

1 box of pencils, Ticonderoga preferred

1-pack of glue sticks

1-pack of skinny expo markers

2-journals (primary journals preferred, different colors if possible)


1-pack of big pink erasers

1-pack of Crayola markers

1 headphones (no earbuds)

water bottle with student name 

1 *2 pocket, 3 prong poly-folders

Class Wish List:

sandwich, quart and/or gallon size bags

disinfectant wipes

paper towels


baby wipes

hand sanitizer and hand soap