Richmond Hill Miler Club-Results for 12/18
Richmond Hill Miler Club-Results for 12/18
Tiffany Hursey
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Richmond Hill Miler Club:  Walk, Jog, Run for Life!  Be a part of the Richmond Hill Miler Club during Friday Recess.  Students will walk, run or job a designated one mile course during their designated recess time.  Gym shoes are required.  Mileage adds up for students to collect rewards.  The Miler Club will be Friday Recess through January 11th.  Weekly Miler Club dates may be adjusted for weather and school events.  

The latest results are available for the Miler Club. Results for each grade level are available here. Keep it up Wildcats!  The next Miler Club will be Friday, January 11th.  

Way to go Wildcats! Look how far the Miler Club has traveled this week. MES has now ran from MES in Richmond Hill all the way to Graham Island in British Columbia! Wow! #wildcatsrun #milerclub #mesrocks